1. Fill out the the Model Application Form.
  2. Upload Pics and video. The pics should not be professionally done and the model should be as natural as possible, no makeup and use as much natural light (sunlight) as possible.No posing, no smiling, no eye-wear. Wear swimwear so that your body can be seen, if however wearing swimwear is not possible, wear clothing that will flatter your figure. Applicants with long hair should keep it away from the face.                                                                                                                    becomeamodel2
  3. For Video  Submissions you have the freedom to submit anything you want. We want to get an idea of what your personality is like, whether it's dancing or singing, do it! Be sure to introduce yourself by saying your name, age and where you are from.


  1. Fill out Talent Application Form.
  2. Submit Pictures of yourself.
  3. Submit a video demonstrating your talent.

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Talent Application Form

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